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Unveiling the Landscape of Australian Agritech: Envisioning 2024 and Beyond

18 Apr 2024
As the Australian agritech sector burgeons with approximately 500 businesses, it reflects a period of sustained growth and fervor spanning over 8 to 10 years. Agritech, at its core, revolves around private enterprises providing tailored solutions to farmers, agronomists, and the wider agricultural community, bolstered by robust research and development efforts. However, to fully realize its potential and seize a larger share of the global agritech market, a cohesive effort is imperative from "Team Australia”. Presently lacking a unified national strategic plan and hindered by ineffective venture capital funding models, Australia lags behind other OECD nations in effectively commercializing its research endeavours. AusAgriTech, the premier association representing Australian agritech enterprises, stands poised to spearhead a collaborative initiative, paving the way for multi-billion-dollar revenues and the creation of thousands of jobs nationwide.
Tim Neale, MD, DataFarming | President, AusAgritech