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Opportunities for both farmers and job seekers that you can take advantage of (literally) today

19 Apr 2024
RIVERINE PLAINS | Youth in Ag program
Discover the career opportunities for young people in agriculture and how Riverine Plains is currently supporting students and other young farmers/agribusiness professionals in the region. The Youth in Ag Program offers student membership, scholarships for tertiary students studying agriculture and networking events. They aim to build peer to peer relationships and connect young people with leaders and potential mentors in various agriculture disciplines.

Explore AgCAREERSTART, a structured gap-year program aimed at kickstarting the agricultural careers of young Australians, aged 17-25. Learn about our unique model, pairing Participants with devoted Host Farmers nationwide across diverse agricultural sectors. Participants not only secure paid on-farm roles, but also benefit from a $4,500 training bursary and a dedicated pastoral support team. Plus, for producers, it’s an opportunity to foster the growth of our industry, and contribute to shaping the next generation of Australian farmers.

In Catherine’s presentation to students interested in careers in agriculture, she will delve into the dynamic landscape of the horticultural industry, highlighting the exciting opportunities and advancements that await them. She will explore the diverse range of career paths within the sector and will address the importance of fostering a mindset of innovation and adaptability to thrive in an ever-changing industry, encouraging students to embrace continuous learning and creativity. Overall, her presentation aims to inspire and empower students to embark on fulfilling careers in sector while equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to drive positive change and innovation in the field. Catherine believes that if you truly want to have an impact on the world that a career in primary production is a great platform to be able to that.
Rhiannan McPhee, Project Manager - Riverine Plains
Kayla Evans, Project Manager - AgCAREERSTART National Farmers’ Federation
Catherine Velisha, Founder - Veg Education
Mark Pullin, GM Education & Training - Veg Education

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