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May you live in interesting times: the making sense of the driving forces behind the agricultural market

17 Apr 2024
May you live in interesting times", there is debate about whether this expression is meant as a blessing or as a curse. The past five years have seen the most interesting of times, from COVID to war. These events have all had huge ramifications for the global economy, and this all flows through to the agricultural supply chain. To make the best decisions in farming, it is important to understand what is occurring around the world. This requires data analysis to formulate insights that can explain the drive of the market, you don't have time to do that, but the team at EP3 track the data on a daily basis. In this presentation, we will discuss the factors that you may now have thought about that are positively and negatively impacting your operation's bottom line. Episode 3, is the leader in agricultural market insights in Australia and will provide the insights and stories behind the market so that you can understand what is the driving force.
Matt Dalgleish, Founder & Director - Episode 3
Andrew Whitelaw, Founder & Director - Episode 3