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The Expert Stage 2024

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The Future of Precision Ag and Automation

17 Apr 2024
In the evolving landscape of agriculture, the intersection of innovative machinery and precision agriculture (PA) stands out as a key development in the future of farming. Precision agriculture is a methodology and interpretative assessment platform that enhances efficiency and sustainability through precise and controlled practices. PA enables producers to collect, connect, correct and correlate so decisions regarding all agricultural management systems are informed. Pivotal to this discussion is the Society of Precision Agriculture Australia (SPAA), a not-for-profit producer-led organisation dedicated to building robust pathways for grower PA adoption, adaption, and extension. Drawing from global insights at the recent World Forum for Agricultural Robotics (FIRA) in France, Jonathan Medway will share his thoughts on the future direction of PA.  Jonathan will also discuss the critical role of automation and the importance of an Autonomous Code of Practice, ensuring ethical and practical standards for producers.
Jonathan Medway, Charles Sturt University - (Digital Farm)

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