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Tyson Hackwood

Tyson Hackwood

Partners Products & ESG, Pairtree Intelligence

Data in Action: Farmers in Control of Farm Data

Unlocking the potential of agricultural research and innovation hinges on the essential sharing of data. In this session, we delve into the Australian Farm Data Code and certification program, showcasing how empowering farmers with control over their data fosters trust and encourages a willingness to share information.

About Tyson:
Tyson Hackwood has focused on the emerging agritech industry, with a proven track record in driving growth in APAC in fintech, forging strategic partnerships, and meaningful market expansion. His extensive experience spans fintech, digital commerce, technology, and now the agritech sector.

Tyson specialises in developing and executing channel and partnership programs that enhance distribution networks. With a focus on ecosystem development, at Pairtree he is working with the industry to develop collaboration via connections to emerging AgriTech.

Tyson's expertise in agritech is complemented by his prior leadership roles at major companies like PayPal, eBay, Vodafone, and News Corp.


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