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Sarah Corcoran

Sarah Corcoran

CEO, Plant Health Australia
Panel | Bio Security Partnerships: What is industry doing to strengthen bio security? 

This discussion will address initiatives by key players and their impacts and the role of technology.

About Sarah:

Recognised in the league of great scientists, Sarah boasts multiple awards for her contribution to biosecurity and Australia’s plant health status.
From a young age, Sarah had a strong fascination for natural science. Her career has taken her far and wide, connecting with like-minded people making a difference. Her work to keep ahead of emerging risks, spans three Australian states and territories.

Today, Sarah is still firm in her belief that plant health is the backbone of our existence. As CEO of Plant Health Australia - the trusted coordinator in Australia’s biosecurity system and recognised internationally as a leader in plant health and biosecurity, she brings together expertise, knowledge and stakeholders to generate solutions that improve biosecurity outcomes to ensure the system is future-orientated and solutions-focused.

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