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Russ Fowler and Molly

Russ Fowler and Molly

Farmer and Muster Dog
In Conversation with Muster Dogs: Driving Safer, Enjoyable and  Sustainable Farming Practices - followed by a meet and greet

Join Lisa Millar and Muster Dogs Season 2 participants Russ Fowler (and Molly) for a discussion on the business of agriculture, the key issues facing graziers and of course the value of working dogs and how to drive safer, enjoyable and more sustainable farming practices. Plus, a glimpse behind the scenes of making the Muster Dogs hit show. There will be time for audience questions.

Following the conversation, at 1.45-2.30pm Russ, Molly and Lisa will be available for a meet and greet where you will have the opportunity to get photos and purchase a signed copy of Lisa’s book.

About Russ: 

A seventh-generation farmer, Russ Fowler’s family have been running their farm in Bothwell, Tasmania since 1825. With 8,500 acres, 18,500 sheep, and 130 cows, Russ has his hands full running and growing the family business. Russ considers himself a caretaker of the family farm and with a young family to care and provide for, Russ is determined to build a sizeable business to support the next generation and continue the legacy of his heritage. His passion for working dogs began from a young age. With only five staff to help him run the farm and the extreme challenges of seasonal shifts, worker shortages and fluctuating prices, his pack of dogs take on a fair bit of the workload.

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