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A/Prof. Chao Chen

A/Prof. Chao Chen

Agricultural Robotics Researcher, Monash University
Sustainable Agriculture: Nurturing a Future with Robotics and AI

Agriculture faces unprecedented challenges ranging from labour shortages and increasing demand for productivity to the imperative of sustainable practices. This presentation delves into how robotic and AI-powered harvesting technology emerges as a groundbreaking solution to transform these challenges into opportunities for sustainable agriculture.
  1. Challenges in Agriculture:  Navigating Agricultural Hurdles
  2. Robotic and AI-Powered Solutions:  Unleashing the Power of Robotics and AI
  3. Benefits and a Bright Future:  The Transformative Impact of Agricultural Innovation
About Chao:

Course Director of Robotics and Mechatronics
Director of the Laboratory of Motion Generation and Analysis (LMGA)
Director of Laboratory of Motion Generation and Analysis
Supervisor of Monash Nova Rover Team
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Monash University

A/Prof. Chao Chen is a world renowned researcher in agricultural robotics with distinguished contributions to robotic intelligence. His research impact spans across multiple sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, medicine, and space. His research has not only introduced new visions but has also achieved significant transformations within the industry.

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