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Peter Johnston

Peter Johnston

Managing Director, Hone Corporation
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Better Measurement for Better Management
Agriculture is a data driven industry. The creation of real time, accurate data has been a challenge in Agriculture. The harsh environment, the remoteness to analytical laboratories relative to the farms has led to low density, low frequency data collection due to cost and timeliness to access this data. This is now changing rapidly with the evolution of field-based spectroscopy.

About Peter:

Peter (PJ) has been involved in precision Agriculture and AgTech ventures for over three decades. Raised on a family farm, PJ has an empathy and passion for sustainable agricultural production and has been part of three AgTech start-ups ranging from environmental monitoring, remote sensing, and automation. As a passionate environmentalist and Agricultural Scientist, PJ applies his knowledge to building success in businesses through their people and application of science to achieve sustainability and prosperity in agricultural systems.

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