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Olympia Yarger

Olympia Yarger

Chief Executive Officer, ACT Australian of the Year 2023, GOTERRA

Keynote | Innovating for Business Continuity: From insect farming to valorising waste. Sometimes the biggest challenges offer the biggest opportunities.

About Olympia:

An Australian entrepreneur and founder of Goterra, a company that focus’ on sustainable food production, Olympia is a leading voice in agricultural sustainability and climate technology innovation. With a bold vision, Olympia has made a significant impact in the sustainable food industry. Goterra uses cutting-edge technology to turn food waste into protein-rich animal feed and fertilizer.  Olympia has worked as a consultant for both government and non-profit organizations, in the development of regulation for emerging industries giving her insight into the policy-making process and the regulatory landscape. She understands the complexities of navigating regulations and policies while also driving innovation and progress. Olympia's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to sustainability have earned her numerous awards and recognition, including being named Australian of the Year for the Australian Capital Territory and having a species of fly named for her by the CSIRO.


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