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Nick Seymour

Nick Seymour

Founder of Farmo, Inventor of the Water Rat
Overcoming Barriers to Adoption in Agtech

There is a lot of talk about how hard it is to get farmers to adopt digital tools, but what exactly are the barriers to adoption? These are supposedly wonderful tools that will improve productivity, help the environment and make our lives easier, right? At Farmo we have lived this journey through suspicion to hesitancy, and finally enthusiasm for digital tools and we have some surprising insights to share with you.

About Nick:

Nick Seymour is an Australian ag-tech entrepreneur committed to helping the agricultural industry navigate the challenges of labour shortage, climate change, bio-security, and food security. In 2022, Nick received the prestigious Australian Good Design Award for his innovative creation, the Water Rat trough sensor. This ingenious device has not only gained recognition but has also enjoyed significant sales in Australia and has recently expanded to the markets
of Canada and the USA. Nick's background in Furniture Design and experience as cattle producer gives him a unique perspective on how to introduce technology into the agricultural landscape, and what we need to focus on at the intersection of technology and humanity.