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Natalie Collard

Natalie Collard

CEO, Farmers for Climate Action
Unlocking Climate Smart Farming for Profit

Australian farming is known for its clean and green image. Whether we're farming in the outback, the mountains, river flats or coastal plains, Aussie farmers care for our country.

Australian agriculture is also an $80 billion a year industry which employs hundreds of thousands of people.

Many farmers want to farm in a climate-friendly/smart way which looks after our natural environment and reduces emissions, and our customers here and overseas increasingly favour this approach.

Modern farming brings with it complex opportunities and challenges: carbon markets and credits, carbon offsets, biodiversity credits, reduction in rainfall and runoff, water management, drought, flood and fire, varying land use practices and more.

Join this panel to explore the opportunities and the challenges of climate smart and biodiversity-friendly farming for profit as the climate changes.


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