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Meg Lovegrove

Meg Lovegrove

General Manager, AusAgritech

Panel | Accessibility in agriculture - a key driver for productivity, safety, sustainability & inclusion

Adapting in agriculture

This discussion will address:
- drivers of diversity and inclusion
- programs or strategies to drive greater cultural awareness/safety in agricultural workplaces
- how product design or agtech developments are enabling greater accessibility/adaption and safety in agriculture
- biggest challenges around misconceptions, policies or resources available for employing people with disability or building disability confidence in regional/agricultural areas
- ageing workforce and technology advancements  
- roles and nature of work in agriculture
- working within and beyond the farm gate

About Meg: 

Meg Lovegrove is a dedicated General Manager and Agritech Advocate known for her strong communication, hard work, and adept relationship-building skills. With over a decade of experience spanning various industries, Meg excels in stakeholder engagement, project management, and leadership. Her adaptability shines whether interacting face-to-face with the public or collaborating in large teams.

Currently at the helm of the Australian Agritech Association (AusAgritech), Meg leverages her expertise in strategic management, stakeholder engagement, and long-term relationship building. In this pivotal role, she plays a central part in steering the organisation toward sustained growth and success. With over a decade in customer service, including six plus years in management, Meg brings a 'People First' approach that proves effective in creating high-performance teams. Her keen eye for identifying issues and generating long-term, flexible solutions has been instrumental in developing efficient and sustainable systems and processes.


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