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Lud Uitdewilligen

Lud Uitdewilligen

Product Manager, Beeleap

Average sucks, stop bullying your crops! 

All growers know it. While spraying you underdose and overdose. As a result, crops receive suboptimal treatment, compromising their health and overall productivity. What if we could give every plant what it needs, just like we did decades ago, manually? But now on farm level. Beeleap brings a leap forward in agriculture by making farming on plant level the new standard.

About Lud:

Lud Uitdewilligen works from 2024 as Product Manager for the AgTech startup BBLeap, a Dutch company founded in 2019 to make farming on plant level the new standard. Lud has gained almost 10 years of experience in platform development and product-led growth (PLG) working for different AgTech companies based in the Netherlands (Dacom) and Israel (CropX).