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James Turtle

James Turtle

Business Development Manager – South West Region, MagrowTec
Doing More with Less

Prepare to discover how technology can address one of the biggest challenges growers have today in this session filled with insights, anecdotes and customer stories.
MagrowTec has developed a magnetic assist spray technology which delivers significant environmental and productivity improvements across Agriculture and Horticulture.
The MagrowTec system provides growers with opportunities to decrease water usage, save on chemical costs, improve efficiency and productivity and drive better agronomic outcomes.

The MagrowTec system delivers significantly improved environmental results and supports sustainability goals whilst maintaining productivity and reducing costs.

About James:

James Turtle is a Horticulturalist with more than 10 years’ experience in both ornamental and production horticulture. For the last 11 years James has been involved in the sales and marketing of Agricultural, Horticultural and Construction Machinery including brands such as Case IH, Goldacres, Ag Leader, Case Construction, Serafin Machinery and Gason. Twelve months ago, an opportunity arose to join MagrowTec, an Irish Agri-Tech company working with permanent rare earth magnets and fluid application technology. This new role has allowed James to bring his diverse range of both practical and business skills to the fore and assisted in the development and implementation of a new distribution network through Croplands Equipment. James continues to advocate for better ways of producing the food we all need and sees the current product offering at MagrowTec as just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to where the technology can go.