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Georgia Stormont

Georgia Stormont

Founder & Head Coach, Curious Georgia Coaching, Curious Georgia Coaching

Workforce Panel | Securing, Managing and Increasing Ag Talent

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About Georgia:
Meet Georgia Stormont, a seasoned High Performance and Sales Coach with a deep-rooted passion for cultivating excellence in the agricultural industry. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in horticulture and dairy and a robust background in sales, Georgia brings a distinctive fusion of industry expertise and coaching acumen to the forefront.

As the driving force behind Curious Georgia Coaching, Georgia has had the honour of collaborating with a diverse array of agricultural businesses. Her focus lies in elevating leadership capabilities and fostering sales excellence within the unique context of the agricultural sector.

Renowned for her dynamic and interactive coaching style, Georgia is dedicated to creating an immersive learning experience tailored for the agricultural community. Through her guidance, businesses have witnessed transformative shifts in leadership dynamics and sales performance.

Georgia's philosophy extends beyond the mere imparting of knowledge; she strives to instigate a profound mindset shift, translating into tangible and sustainable results. She firmly advocates for the power of effective communication, the formation of high-performing teams, and the cultivation of robust leadership traits within the agricultural landscape.

For those seeking to fortify their team's capabilities and elevate performance in the agricultural arena, don't hesitate to reach out to Georgia. Contact her today to explore how her expertise can help support and empower your team for sustained success.