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Gabi Ceregra

Gabi Ceregra

Data Policy Manager, National Farmers’ Federation and Food Agility CRC

Data in Action: Farmers in Control of Farm Data

Unlocking the potential of agricultural research and innovation hinges on the essential sharing of data. In this session, we delve into the Australian Farm Data Code and certification program, showcasing how empowering farmers with control over their data fosters trust and encourages a willingness to share information.

About Gabi:

Gabi Ceregra is the Data Policy Manager at the National Farmers’ Federation and Food Agility CRC. Specialising in data governance, Gabi brings a wealth of experience in managing data across health, financial services, and agriculture.

With a track record of successfully delivering small and large-scale data projects, Gabi has led operational data governance teams and developed policies and standards dictating how data is handled within projects and organisations.

Gabi's recent work in agriculture data governance includes the Australian Farm Data Code and certification, the formulation of best practice Data Sharing Agreements, and the establishment of Australian Agricultural Traceability data standards.
Gabi's practical approach underpins her role in shaping the landscape of data governance within the agriculture sector.


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