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Dr Rose Roche

Dr Rose Roche

Principal Research Scientist, Lead Ag2050 Program, CSIRO Agriculture and Food
What’s for Dinner in 2050? A Look at the Future of Agriculture for Australia

The year 2050 is just 26 growing seasons away. Climate shocks during the first two decades of the 21st century have sharpened our attention on the reality of the impacts of climate change, but continued incremental production gain has enabled us to compensate so far. Meeting future food security and sustainability goals will require more than this. Recent exponential advances in areas such as genomics, robotics and autonomous systems, machine learning and AI, remote sensing, modelling and landscape monitoring, have positioned agriculture for a step-change in innovation and production. However, innovation is constrained by the 'lock-in' between farm management, machinery/infrastructure and species genetics. Simultaneous coordinated innovation in all these areas is required to achieve that production step-change. The CSIRO Agriculture and Food Ag2050 program has defined this need through a landmark futures publication, in conjunction with the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, and will demonstrate the value of this approach through use-cases co-designed with stakeholders and utilising expertise from socio-technology to landscape management to farming systems to robotics and machine learning. CSIRO's network of research farms will be a key component of this, acting as 'living labs' and centres of engagement for these use-case demonstrations and the future of sustainability in Australian agriculture. Critical to success of this program is partnering early with industry in identifying and co-developing sustainable and commercially viable opportunities to drive significant change. This session will provide an introduction to the Ag2050 program and a panel Q&A around its implementation with members from CSIRO and partners.

About Rose: 

Dr Roche leads CSIRO Agriculture and Food’s Resilient Farming Systems Impact Research Area Portfolio which is focused on innovative animal and plant-based farming systems.

Rose is the lead of Ag2050 – a new disruptive multi-year program of work that targets non-incremental change of Australia’s farming systems and provide an evidence-based picture of what

Australia’s farming systems could, should and need to look like in 2050 to be profitable, productive, and sustainable.
Rose is passionate about creating change in farming and bringing new ways of thinking and technology to support farm productivity. For over 20 years Rose has worked works with farmers, grower groups, Agribusiness and leads multidisciplinary research teams to respond to challenges generated by variable and changing climates, by developing and delivering new knowledge, technologies (e.g. proximal and remote sensing), machine learning and AI approaches combined with system solutions to high-value crops (potatoes, cotton, tomatoes, hazelnuts, almonds and sugarcane).