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Dr Kate Burke

Dr Kate Burke

Managing Director, Think Agri
When Muddy Boots Meet Pinstriped Suits. Thoughts on Ag Investment Opportunities in Australia

Ownership of farmland by entities other than multigenerational family owner-operators is far from a new concept in Australia.
What is relatively new in Australia is the gradual acceptance by the institutional investment community that agricultural farmland is a bonafide asset class. Good things can happen when practical farm smarts meets astute and willing capital. That said, Ag is not for the faint hearted and neither is managing someone else's money. This presentation will outline the crucial success factors and typical challenges of large scale Ag Investment and the potential opportunities to service these investments.

About Kate:

Dr Kate Burke is  an agri-strategist, author and keynote speaker with specialist knowledge in the science and strategy of broadacre farming and direct investment in farmland. Kate connects the dots between people, productivity and profit to build better farmers, better farms and healthy thriving families and communities.
Kate recently published Crops People Money and You, The Art of Excellent Farming and Better Returns and regularly contributes to The Guardian Newspaper, Rural Network and Rural Business Magazine.
Kate was the 2021 recipient of the GRDC Seed of light award.