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Catherine Velisha

Catherine Velisha

Founder, Veg Education
Panel | Educating the Public for Policy and Preservation

Opportunities for both farmers and job seekers that you can take advantage of (literally) today

In Catherine’s presentation to students interested in careers in agriculture, she will delve into the dynamic landscape of the horticultural industry, highlighting the exciting opportunities and advancements that await them. She will explore the diverse range of career paths within the sector and will address the importance of fostering a mindset of innovation and adaptability to thrive in an ever-changing industry, encouraging students to embrace continuous learning and creativity. Overall, her presentation aims to inspire and empower students to embark on fulfilling careers in sector while equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to drive positive change and innovation in the field. Catherine believes that if you truly want to have an impact on the world that a career in primary production is a great platform to be able to that.

About Catherine:
Descending from three generations of horticulture experts, Catherine Velisha owns and directs Velisha Farms, a horticulture business that has been involved in the fresh produce for almost a century. Having worked in the farming industry for 20 years, Catherine has developed her expertise in all aspects of the industry supply chain, from planting to processing. Her tireless commitment to excellence in agriculture has allowed her to develop a bold and inclusive leadership style, leading to the formation in 2020 of VEG Education - an RTO created specifically to facilitate horticulture industry training. VEG Education allows young people to gain practical insight, access, and experience in the Australian food sector, equipping them with the skills to make valuable contributions to farming as a business. The RTO also allows Catherine - and the broader industry - to create long-term sustainability by engaging with the public directly, whilst championing fresh produce and future-focused agricultural practices.