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Dr Angeline Achariya

Dr Angeline Achariya

CEO, Innovation GameChangers

About Angeline:

Angeline, a global luminary in industry and commercialising innovations, currently leads as the CEO of Innovation GameChangers and Australian Chair of AgriFood Innovation. Steering initiatives like G100: Mission Million and advising at Beanstalk AgTech, she epitomises transformative leadership. With over 25 years’ experience in multinational giants such as J R Simplot, Mondelez International, Yum Brands, Fonterra and Mars Corporation, Angeline’s impact is profound.

Having commercialised 1200+ innovations globally across sectors like Agribusiness, FMCG, Foodservice, E-commerce, she is a trailblazer. Rooted in her agricultural upbringing, Angeline champions a sustainable agrifood system. Her mentorship extends to startups, SMEs, and individuals, nurturing, and scaling innovations to market. Beyond boardrooms, Angeline is an internationally recognised speaker, shaping discussions on resilient agrifood innovation, the future of food, and Australian exports. Her commitment to creating value-added products resonates with consumer needs, making her a force for positive change. Angeline’s journey is an inspiration – a testament to the transformative power of collaborative passion and dedication to a connected, sustainable world.


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