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Andrew & Jane Mercer

Andrew & Jane Mercer

Owners, Springwood Cattle Farm

Tackling Scope 3 Emissions in the Supply Chain
In the push to net zero, agricultural businesses are looking to manage the complexities with measuring and reducing their emissions.

Join Brooke Donnelly, General Manager Sustainability at Coles; Maria Crawford, Livestock Innovation and Sustainability Manager at Coles; and Andrew and Jane Mercer, a supplier into Coles’ Carbon Neutral beef range, for a fireside chat about tackling the decarbonisation challenge in the supply chain.

Brooke and Maria will share their insights into how Coles is engaging with suppliers to address its Scope 3 emissions, and how its producers in the supply chain are starting to engage.

From the family property ‘Springwood’ near Hamilton in SW Victoria, Andrew and Jane will share reflections as farmers leaning into the challenge and provide practical advice on how others could approach emissions reduction, for example through improving herd efficiency, optimising the use of digital tools and data and investigating the potential use of new technologies.

About Andrew & Jane:

Business partners at Springwood, a family property near Hamilton in SW Victoria, Andrew and Jane are suppliers into Coles’ Carbon Neutral beef range. Jane manages the carbon neutral beef program and all the data associated with it, while Andrew manages the cattle.



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