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Conference Program 2024

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Mastering Data-Driven Farming: Digital Twins and Modelling Explained

17 Apr 2024
Stream 1
Stu Adam from Agronomeye presents a comprehensive insight into the emerging role of digital twins and data modelling in advancing agricultural tools. The talk, centred around the innovative concept of agricultural digital twins, delves into their application in various aspects of farming, including land management, natural capital projects, and supply chain transparency. By showcasing real-life use cases, Stu Adam demonstrates how these technologies lead to precise decision-making, cost savings, and enhanced transparency, ultimately contributing to sustainable and profitable agriculture.

The discussion extends to the pivotal role of data modelling in resource optimisation, waste reduction, and addressing the challenges faced by today's agribusinesses. This insightful presentation will answer any questions you had about the adoption of data modelling for farming, with practical real-world examples to solve universal challenges faced by farmers.
Stu Adam, Founder & CEO - Agronomeye

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