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Conference Program 2024

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Industries Driving Innovation Series | Empowering Agricultural Innovation: The Impact of BCG on North West Victoria's Farming Landscape

18 Apr 2024
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This presentation delves into the pivotal role of the nationally recognised farming systems group, Birchip Cropping Group (BCG), in driving agricultural innovation within the grains and mixed farming industries. With a focus on its 32-year history across North West Victoria, the presentation highlights BCG's strategies and collaborations with farmers and industry stakeholders. BCG CEO Fiona Best will discuss the group's success and unveil the mechanisms through which BCG catalyses transformative changes, empowers farmers, and fosters sustainable agricultural practices. By identifying the magic behind BCG's achievements, this presentation offers insights into replicable models for driving economic growth and sustainability in agriculture. BCG is a key partner in the Victorian Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub. 
Fiona Best, Regional Director | Vic Hub Drought and Innovation - CEO | Birchip Cropping Group