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Farmgate - Is Selling Direct to the Public a Fad or the Future of Agriculture?

18 Apr 2024
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Farmgate retailing has already gone way beyond roadside stalls with subscription and home delivery models becoming increasingly popular. But to leverage the full potential of selling direct to public, producers need a deep understanding of consumer needs, perceptions, and buying behaviour. To answer these questions, agribusiness researcher and AgTech start-up mentor Mark Fletcher joined with global data organisation Pureprofile and leading food industry publications Inside FMCG and Inside Retail to conduct Australia’s most comprehensive Farmgate consumer survey.

Drawing on the insights from national survey of over 1000 consumers, Mark has identified the key farmgate target markets, what they are looking for, and how best to reach them. Filled with practical insights, this presentation will help you develop farmgate strategies to suit your products and your goals.
Mark Fletcher, Agribusiness Researcher

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