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Conference Program 2024

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Beef, Carbon, Biodiversity and a Whole lot of Turbines! The benefit of alternative revenues to support a sustainable beef enterprise.

17 Apr 2024
Stream 2
Lachie Graham, owner of Hillview Park, and Co-CEO of Argyle Foods Group, will provide a case study on how the businesses have transformed the Goulburn property into a sustainable farming mecca. Within 12 months since taking ownership the property now runs a self-replacing Angus herd which supports Argyle’s sustainable beef brands, an approved soil sequestration project, three registered biodiversity sites and a fully developed wind farm. Lachie will discuss the benefits of engaging with the opportunities beyond cattle, and how the operations works in synergy to support Argyle’s sustainability goals. 
Lachlan Graham, Co-CEO - Argyle Foods Group

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