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Conference Program 2024

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Agriculture, Food and Australia's National Security: Preparing for an Uncertain Future

17 Apr 2024
Stream 2
Operational preparedness is not an unfamiliar concept to farmers. Preparing for business as usual, factoring in some variation, is a part of the job. But in a world of increasing climate, trade, and biosecurity risk, business as usual is changing and the need for preparedness is rapidly evolving. Now, the consequences of geopolitics are accelerating that evolution in a way not seen for generations.
Those responsible for the defence of our nation say that we are now faced with the highest level of strategic risk since the end of the Second World War. Critical challenges associated with supply chains, sustainability, technology, biosecurity, and how we as humans adapt must all be considered against this backdrop of unprecedented risk.
You will leave this session with a greater understanding of the challenges this represents for Australian agriculture and the broader community, the opportunities that might exist if we prepare ourselves well and a clearer perspective on the role of agriculture and food production in Australia’s future.
Andrew Henderson, Principal - Agsecure